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Linux Hosting World's Dedicated Servers Germany

Germany Dedicated Server Rates


Intel Dual-Core

16GB DDR3 4x1TB SATA2 10 TB $134/mo CONFIGURE

Xeon E3-1230v2

16GB DDR3 2x500GB SATA2 10TB $175/mo CONFIGURE

Xeon E3-1240

16GB DDR3 4x1TB SATA2 10TB $199/mo CONFIGURE

Xeon E3-1270v5

16GB DDR4 2x1TB SATA2 10TB $199/mo CONFIGURE

2 x Xeon E5620

32GB DDR3 8x2TB SATA2 12TB $200 /mo CONFIGURE

2 x Xeon E5-2420

64GB DDR3 8x2TB SATA2 12TB $250/mo CONFIGURE

2 x Xeon E5-2620v4

64GB DDR4 4x2TB SATA2 12TB $325/mo CONFIGURE

2 x Xeon E5-2640v2

64GB DDR3 8x1TB SATA2 12TB $388/mo CONFIGURE

2 x Xeon E5-2650v4

128GB DDR4 4x480GB SSD 12TB $550/mo CONFIGURE

2 x Xeon E5-2620v4

64GB DDR4 4x2TB SATA2 12TB $570/mo CONFIGURE

2 x Xeon E5-2630v4

128GB DDR4 8x1TB SATA2 12TB $600/mo CONFIGURE

WHYDedicated Server FOR BUSINESS

Limitless Hosting

Our German based dedicated servers are built to serve and adapt according to different business models. Dedicated servers of Germany provide a scalable server solution to a variety of enterprises for enhancing their profits. The Dedicated servers located in Germany delivers a limitless dedicated server hosting service which is flexible, and reliable. These servers are low in cost and have the capability to work with any sophisticated network.


Our dedicated servers in Germany are based in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf which and are completely customizable. Includes 99.9% uptime, robust network, latest hardware, os installation, rescue mode, server reboot, bandwidth information, set DNS and more.

Metered Servers

Germany based metered dedicated servers provides services which are efficient and effective. The uptime offered by the servers is 99.98%. Metered Germany servers are equipped with high-speed processors which enables a steady framework. The variety of processors include Intel Dual Core G850, Intel Core i5-3470S, Intel Xeon E3 1270, 2x Intel Xeon E5620, and 2x Intel Xeon E5-2420. The storages offered by these servers are 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. The other features are HDD, Large Bandwidth and Data center.

Unmetered Servers

The trait which makes Germany based unmetered dedicated servers exceptional is unlimited or unmetered bandwidth. Business Organizations can avail a broadlarge bandwidth to grow their businesses and engage more consumers. Unmetered German Servers include 60 Gbits of network connection established through Global Crossing, Tiscali, and AM-SIX. These servers have high-speed processors accompanied with a large RAM.

100 TB

The 3-tier data center located in Frankfurt, Germany offers 100 TB of bandwidth to the business organizations. It can support all types of sophisticated software. These german dedicated servers have 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB memory.

100% Network SLA

Our satisfied customers around the all over the country stay with us for the quality of our network. Linux Hosting World has established by the specialists in this fields.

Need For Dedicated Server

The rapid popularization of the internet across the globe has made more and more people join the online platform on a daily basis. Online marketplace has become one of the largest marketplaces as of today. It is always the goal of every business to appeal to this vast online populace. However, it becomes too hard for a general web hosting service to withstand the pressure of huge traffic in a fully fledged business website, resulting in unwanted crashes and slow website.

Business Oriented

Wouldn't it be great if you get a business specific hosting service which will cater to all the requirements of your business website? Well, it is not a dream anymore. With our business hosting service, you will be able to provide your visitors with an amazing user experience and it will be able to handle the heavy traffic with complete ease. Moreover, you will obtain high scalability with this special hosting service designed for businesses.

Ultra Fast

Large business websites generally witness a huge amount of traffic inflow. With this business hosting package, you will never have to face such condition. This hosting service has been specifically designed for large business websites witnessing a sheer number of visitors, fully capable of maintaining the speed even under huge pressure.

High Scalability

It is very important for your website to be highly scalable to provide the best experience to your visitors. You might not achieve that scalability with a normal hosting service; but this specially crafted business website hosting service allows you to achieve what you seek without any hassle.