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The affiliate program is a lucrative way of earning money by recommending our website. Any user can make unlimited income by signing up for the affiliate program and by recommending our website.

The payments can be made weekly and monthly depending on the sales of our servers.

A user can sign up for affiliate program by entering personal details. The details will be verified by our technical team,and e-mail verification will be completed.

We give an opportunity to many people to have a source of passive income and earn some extra money.

The hosting ads can be placed on any website or blog. A user can either recommend our services by placing ads on their site or market them through E-mail. The ads are only placed on sites which get massive traffic. The ad code can easily be copy and pasted into the respective websites.

When an ad is clicked on the website, clients are directed to hosting website. If we sell a server to the client, then its commission is paid to you.

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Unlimited Income

The commission paid per server is $ 50 dollars. The payments are made monthly without any upper limit.

Real-time Tracking

We keep track of sales and commissions, examine payment history, and deep linking to any of the pages of our website.


Affiliate assistance

We have an account manager who tracks all the activities of an affiliate account. Our team can easily be reached via email to give fast response to any query. We also have affiliate giveaways.

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