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WHY CHOOSEDedicated Server For Business

Easy and free of cost Migration Assistance

If you are moving from another provider then you don't have any need to worry about the migration process. We will completely take care of setting up your new server with us by migrating all your data and checking it as well. So by optimizing and tweaking your server once all traffic is developing to your new server with us.

Pro-Active Monitoring & Maintenance

On top of fully managing your server, we monitor your server and all of its services running on it pro-actively. If anyone is facing the problem on login you account then our technicians will help you in log in your account drastically. Our experts also identify the issue and fix it without any interruption from you.

Quick Setup Times

Typically, from the time you order to the time you are able to login to the server, your order is just 1-4 hours away. If you ordered an unusual customer server, something we don't have readily available in our stock, it can take longer to set up. So in that circumstance linux hosting world provides you the Quick Set Up time for its users.

All 365 Days Support

Specialists of Linux Hosting World are available to handle emergencies in all hours of the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Any issue, small or big, will get quick solution.

Huge Monthly Traffic

All dedicated server packages give you ample bandwidth 10 TB of monthly traffic. Linux Hosting World also provides the facility of upgrading to an unmetered solution for a low price.

100% Network SLA

Our satisfied customers around the all over the country stay with us for the quality of our network. Linux Hosting World has established by the specialists in this fields.

Why Use Dedicated Server

If you have a large professional website that witnesses huge traffic inflow then having a dedicated server is possibly the best choice that you can make. As the name suggests; dedicated hosting provides you with a server that is completely your own. Yes, it is your personal server dedicated completely towards serving your website. And the best part about it? You will never have to share the server space with anyone else. It is probably the fastest as well as reliable web hosting service that you can avail for your website. Provides you with high security since it does not require you to share the server space with anyone else.


By joining Linux Hosting World, you can be fully assured by running your critical applications/websites as our server is loaded with loads of features and resources. Our servers are able to easily manage your website’s traffic, multiple domains, images with high resolution and videos very easily. If you are running a heavy traffic website or your organization/business firm is having high-end configuration server that needed either your web development team has recommended having a dedicated server then Linux Hosting World has the solution for all of your dedicated server requirements.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Linux Hosting World has a set up a separate dedicated hardware server exclusively for your business requirements only. Linux Hosting World is India based web hosting firm that offers dedicated server in India which is cheaper than the other dedicated server and dedicated hosting in India. We also have both Linux dedicated server as well as Windows dedicated server plans. At Linux Hosting World, we always describe ourselves as a customer oriented company. Plus, we also offer unparalleled customer support. Trust us by knowing more.

Effective Management

The servers of Linux Hosting World come fully managed by us. Also, we cover everything from the initial setup and hardening, to the proactive monitoring and constant maintenance and management of your server. We literally cover it all and also has the solution for all servers as the name suggests as well. So, we have little to no limitations to what we will manage and thus we have the flexible, custom servers builds. We have the unique server setup that you need and don't see on our site. So, all in all, we will more than likely be able to build exactly what you need.